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Virtual MLCAD 2020

2nd ACM/IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning
16-20 November, 2020

Virtual MLCAD 2020 Program

Virtual MLCAD 2020 features contributions from industry including tool vendors as well as from academia, touching all aspects of CAD (from physical design to functional verifications) from all over the world. This year’s program includes 26 accepted papers, along with 4 keynotes and 4 plenary talks, and one panel.

Here you will find the detailed program including all accepted papers:

And here is an overview of the keynote and plenary talks as well as Friday’s panel:

The technical program of virtual MLCAD will run for three hours each day, Monday, November 16, 2020 – Friday, November 2020. Keynote and plenary talks will be given live, as will Friday’s panel. The authors of accepted papers will also give a short live presentation of their work. All these live events will be followed by interactive Q&A. In addition, detailed pre-recorded videos of accepted papers will be available to attendees to view whenever it suits them. Logistics information about the workshop (Zoom links, Slack channel, access to papers and videos) will be provided to registered attendees shortly before the workshop kicks off.

All days except Wednesday will follow this schedule:
7-10am PST / 10am-1pm EST / 4-7pm CET / 8:30-11:30pm India / 11pm-2am Asia / midnight – 3am Japan

• 60 min. Keynote
• 75 min. Accepted Papers
• 45 min. Plenary

Wednesday, however will run on a different schedule more suitable for most of Asia:
3-6pm PST (still Tuesday!) / 6-9pm EST (still Tuesday!) / midnight-3am CET (Wednesday) / 4:30-7:30am India (Wednesday) / 7-10am Asia (Wednesday) / 8 – 11am Japan (Wednesday)

• 60 min. Keynote
• 75 min. Accepted Papers
• 45 min. Plenary

We intend of offer a “virtual get-together / socializing” following each day’s technical program. Details will be sent to registered attendees. Keep some time available to interact with your colleagues!